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Slightly less sketchy now. Am trying to get a sense of this slow old waggon trundling through a snowy village main road in Mid Wales, years and years ago, from a

b & w photo of the lorry from the wrong angle! These were slow, noisy, hard work to drive motors, especially the 8 wheelers with two steering axles and no power steering - but the best ones to drive, I'd say anyway. Back to the painting - we can change up a gear. From 3rd low into 1st direct if it were this Foden! It's slowly starting to articulate - sky, background, car and roadway. Backdrop is painted more freely, to set off careful detail of the lorry. Background painting is a chance to use some pattern, and colour combinations. The lorry is the main player, the background the stage. One needs the other. Like a stand up comic with an audience.

- Ken Dodd, Venue Cymru lockup til 2 a.m.

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