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I work from back to front, right to left. Starting with the Sky - here it's a Cobalt Blue tint (with white added), laid over a tint of Dioxazine Purple, a colour once used by Henri Matisse in Oils. Titanium white for clouds, a good quality bright white. Then to work forward - background, middle ground, foreground. Backdrop is mainly colour mixes. The lorry is colour overlaps, Egg Tempera fashion - e.g. for cream:- alternate yellow coats over white ones, until it looks right. The sponged in Roadway is underpainted in metallic gold, the snow in silver, Fairground Decorator style. It's a process and won't really be any good until the very end. A slow job. Hurry not being so great for me as for some other folk, who might be getting restless by now ! A bit like driving the old lorries, where I had the best teachers. They taught you patience, and to take care and pride in the work

- most of them!

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