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Early 1960s I came across U.S made Liquitex Acrylic Artist's paints, with colours our oil paints didn't always have. Like Acra Red and deep Dioxazine Purple. Then the U.K. came up with Rowneys Cryla and Reeves Polymer. An early British boxed set of Acrylics included a wooden oils palette, dibber, a hogs hair and a sable brush. Liquitex were something else - modern, easy to work, and trouble free. The brushes were better when Pro Arte's synthetic/sable mix came in. Since the 1980s I use flat finish Acrylics paints - Lascaux, Golden Matte and Flashe Vinyl. And brushes also made by specialists - Raphael, Pro Arte, Rosemary miniaturist range and Squirrel hair ones from Stratford and York. The paintings aren't massive gallery pictures, but living room size, as most of them are done for ordinary working people.

- "to savour every day" - Charlie Turner

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