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After 56 hours we are nearly there. The main player is the lorry, in Cream and Brown with varnished deck, all properly lined out in the tradition that goes back to Farm Carts and Stage Coaches of the 1800s. The gentle Cream and Brown are "broken" colours - Cream is a tint of Yellow, Brown is a shade of Orange. So other broken colours are used for the background to show off the waggon - so no strong bright Red or Orange to detract. To get the look you must get the reflectance levels right. Surfaces reflect light differently. Metal cab, wooden deck, glass, chrome, rubber, and so on. It is still life painting really. It's all an illusion. There's no actual lorry there - just colours, shapes and lines. My idea is to put it all together to be easy to look at, but not too easy. Simple without being boring. Interesting without being confusing.

- we hope!

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