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Gareth "Mounty", Mansel Davies tanker driver, wanted a picture made of Jenkins' 12 speed, 8-wheeled, 3 decker Foden S20 Livestock Waggon in a decent setting. With just a b & w photo to go on he said "Do it however you want". Mr and Mrs Lloyd and Jean Jenkins are Livestock Hauliers from Meigan Wells, Preseli, Pembs. Their son Andrew and his wife Sonia carry on the Haulage tradition as AJ Recycling.

Back in the '60s the cream and brown Foden with the varnished deck and trailer was the talk of Cardigan Town and West Wales transport circles. Often Lloyd ran with it to Manchester, so I thought of the old main road North through Mid Wales, at Cwm Belan, Montgomery, for the backdrop. That stretch of road is long since by-passed so I did a rekkie. Lynda and Ian now live in what was the old Vulcan pub. On their kitchen wall hung the old Inn sign.

- the game was on!

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