I work from back to front, right to left. Starting with the Sky - here it's a Cobalt Blue tint (with white added), laid over a tint of Dioxazine Purple, a colour once used by Henri Matisse in Oils. Titanium white for clouds, a good quality bright white. Then to work forward - background, middle ground, foreground. Backdrop is mainly colour mixes. The lorry is colour overlaps, Egg Tempera fashion - e.g. for cream:- alternate yellow coats over white ones, until it looks right. The sponged in Roadway is underpainted in metallic gold, the snow in silver, Fairground Decorator style. It's a process and won't really be any good until the very end. A slow job, but I'm a plodder anyway. Many folk would be fed up by now and getting restless. It's like driving the old lorries.  It took for ever to get there, but you appreciated the moments along the way -

most of them!