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A boat named INTEGRITY being towed for repairs at Tarbert, Kintyre, after running aground, 1960s. Welcome to G.B. 2023 - also run aground, and INTEGRITY definitely not on the menu! The 5th richest country on planet Earth can't even afford to look after its own people.

We have Nurses working 18 hour shifts and living from food banks for God's sake! This 5th richest country has also managed to notch up the 7th highest number of Covid deaths.

A group of people called is doing its damnedest to put things right, by starting to rescue the vital services from the Hedge Funds, and back to Public Ownership. That's integrity for you - they deserve our support.

"a world that chooses profit over people's health is dangerous"

- Rocco, Series 4 Episode 3 -

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