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JULY 2024


Its 40 years ago now I started painting lorries for a living. This is the very last lorry commission, painted early this year for Tomos, son of some family friends. Tomos likes Renault cars and asked if I could do one. I said- I'm no good at cars - will a lorry do instead? So, have reached the end of the road, with a picture of O.J. Jones of Porthmadog, Star Haulier's Renault 8. It's a fond farewell to all our fantastic friends and cool customers over the years. Thanks a million for all the work you have put our way. Will be closing the website down at the end of the month, but watch this space, it might come back to haunt us, you never know.

Stay Cool and Fantastic! - From Colleen, Alan, Olly and Ray at Roadscapes    

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